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Onyx Capital Management, LLC and its Affiliates collectively (“ONYX”) offers a unique financing solution called the Leveraged Asset Strategy (“LAS”). This program is designed to help businesses across all industries have access to debt and equity capital that carries terms significantly better than any equity partner or bank can offer (longer maturities, lower interest rates, interest only payments, no personal guarantees and no prepayment penalties). LAS’s best uses are for refinancings, recapitalizations, acquisitions and development deals. All with “little” to no cost to the borrower (“potentially” $0 out of pocket) to set up and initiate.

The ideal candidates utilizing the LAS program include any business public or private in any industry, partnership or new venture seeking capital of a minimum of $5 million up to $1 billion to recapitalize their current debt with a less expensive option, for acquisition of another business, portfolio or asset of any kind, or for development of either residential or commercial real estate.

How does it work?

The proprietary process involves utilizing one of our banking relationships (or the borrowers if they prefer) that has a minimum of an A1/P1 credit rating and the construction and sale of a specific type of bond that is sold in the money market thus carrying significantly better terms than other capital options. Those terms include but are not limited to lower interest rates, interest only payments for the term of the bond, no prepayment penalties and no personal guarantee all at no out of pocket cost to the borrower.

The construction and sale of the bond is a collateralized transaction. Not a capitalized transaction. This means there is no out of pocket cost in setting up and initiating the bond. An individual or company or even a third party uses assets (anything that can be valued from equity in a business, a cash account, stock account, bond account to raw land to art to machinery and equipment) as collateral (usually 30-70%) of the face value of the bond but they do not sell those assets or transfer ownership of those assets in anyway. As collateral, the individual, company or third party that posted those assets still owns the assets and enjoys all the benefits of ownership: they keep the income or dividends; they enjoy any capital appreciation of the asset, etc… This is not the program that uses bank loans for the purchase of the Bond. The collateral is used to back-up or enhance a financial arrangement that uses specific bonds (the LAS) for the benefit of raising capital at significantly better terms than other options in the market today.



Advantages Of LAS


  • Zero ($0) out of pocket cost to set up and initiate the Bond
    • All legal fees, accounting fees, etc can be rolled into the bond issue
    • In some cases (mostly development opportunities) interest on the bond for the first few years of a project can be raised as part of the bond offering thus ensuring interest payments are made until the project can produce cash flow to pay the interest on a current basis
  • Favorable terms and costs of capital compared to any equity or bank financing
    • Significantly lower cost of capital then bank or equity financing
    • Maturity of the bond can range from 5-30 years depending on the project
    • Interest only payments until the maturity of the bond
    • No prepayment penalties
    • No personal guarantee needed

It has never been more important to understand all the financing alternatives available for your company. With over 45 years of experience in all aspects of the finance industry and having successfully helped hundreds of existing and start-up businesses in dozens of industries find the right capital source; Onyx Capital Management is uniquely positioned to help you get the capital you need for your business.

Onyx Capital Management has an active working relationship of over 400 debt and equity capital sources from around the U.S., Canada and Europe.

To get started simply fill out the preliminary form and email us or just give us a call at 800-496-8350 and one of our Financing Solutions Specialists will have a discussion with you about your needs.